Zebra 3 
New 200 seat theatre facility
2 days before  opening
Canterbury, Kent UK

It all started here.........


Like this are rare, very rare!
I was talking to the project manager of a large construction site in Canterbury about the new facilities they were working on, and he mentioned his concerns over the fire escape doors to the new theatre. "What if" he wondered "the first production they put on has all the neighbours complaining about the noise?"
"Well, what you need is a sound source set up in the theatre stage area and a sound lever meter say three metres outside the doors to measure how much sound leaks out." I ventured.
"Can you set up such a sound source?" He queried
 I made sure all the red tape was in place to set the band up in the new theatre just days before it was handed over to the client. This meant getting hold of proper saftey gear for the band, and writing a safety method statement and risk assesment for the "acoustic test!" I had to make sure NOTHING got in the way of this, it was too good a result to be the first EVER to play in a brand new theatre.
At that time, Zebra3 did not exsist and we were in a rock covers band, but with the lead singer away on holiday on the day of the test we put together some covers we could do as a three - piece. We hired a P.A system to ensure we filled the space with volume, and with the unfamiliar P.A howling, amps cooking, we ditched the safety gear.
AND PLAYED........
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You have to bend to straighten out.

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