Zebra 3 
What is a band?.......
A bunch of musicians in a room?
Individuals with their own ideas in the same place, at the same time? What posses people to stand in a room full of complete strangers and play?
Sometimes I think I have the answers, sometimes I don't want the answer!Sometimes there is no how or why, it just is.
Playing music puts you in a unique place, a strange combination of work and pleasure. There is a huge time commitment to learning a musical instrument to a level where you control what happens next, not what is written down, learnt, shown or otherwise aquired. This is the work element.
The pleasure happens when you involve other people - whether musicians or not - into the equation. Here ideas are introduced, developed, enjoyed, re-worked, welcomed, created.
Any audience will influence what happpens next, whether you want it to or not. All the songs we write have been born in this way, a mix of fact and feeling, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty!!
In fact there are no names named, places described but more the essence of encounters, struggles, victories, promises, everyday events you may be in, or brushed with, all of them true events you can either relate to or witness from a distance as a voyuer.
If you've delved into some of the music or read the lyrics you're already a part of it!